Chief Fined For Crashing New Gvnt Vehicle
5 October 2019
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By Own Correspondent| Chief Dobola of Binga District has been fined $800 for negligence and driving without a licence after he crashed his newly Government issued Isuzu double cab pick-up truck last year.

Chief Dobola whose name is Edward Munkombwe (44) of Binga was on Tuesday convicted on his own plea of guilty to charges of “driving without a licence” and “negligent driving” by Hwange provincial magistrate Mr Gift Ntando Dube.

He was fined $400 for each charge and in addition was suspended from driving any class of vehicle for a month.  Prosecuting, Mr John Mutyakaviri said on 11 October 2018 at about 7am, Munkombwe was driving an unregistered Isuzu double cab pick-up along Tinde-Pashu Road with no passengers on board. 

 The court heard that when he reached the 23km peg, he lost control resulting in the vehicle veering off the road and hitting a tree before overturning.

Munkombwe sustained minor injuries and was ferried to Kamativi Clinic where he was treated and discharged.  The vehicle was damaged during the accident as its windscreen was shattered, had dents on the left side, passenger door and loading box.

It was recommended that the vehicle be taken to VID Hwange for examination.
The State relied its case on particulars of negligence which include failing to keep the vehicle under proper control, failing to stop when accident was imminent and travelling at an excessive speed under the circumstances.

Last year the Government, distributed cars to chiefs as part of improving their mobility to execute traditional roles.