Leo Mugabe Is The Reason Why Harare Has No Water Today, ZACC Called In.
6 October 2019
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Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba

Paul Nyathi|Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba says late former President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Leo Mugabe, who was funeral spokesman, is the reason why the City of Harare does not have water today.

In an angry series of Tweets on his Twitter page, the mayor revealed that Leo Mugabe was over twenty years ago given a tender to built a new backwash treatment plant along Bulawayo road at Morton Jeffrey plant, which despite payments never worked.

An angry Gonna has threatened that he will be taking the issue to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission.

Said Gomba, “Harare will engage the new Zacc to investigate the tender alleged given to ex President’s nephew who was funeral spokesman to built a new backwash treatment plant bluish in color along Bulawayo road at Morton Jeffrey plant, which despite payments never worked, causing water problems.”

He added, “The plant was to give water to Hre residents,a contractor was given an opportunity to deliver but didn’t if all had happened according to plan, 80 million litres  of water per day for 25 years would have alleviated our problems in our fight we get strength from those carrying buckets every day.”

The Mayor was not happy with some responses he received, “I see some would want to defend what cannot be defended, all we want is water, in fact more water, surely how do you sleep knowing fully you caused that, how do you use Bulawayo rd knowing fully you abused your uncle’s position and 25 years latter we don’t have water.”

The Mayor also accused another Mugabe relative, Mr John Mapondera of neopatrimonialism.

“The reason why kunzvi could not be built and nothing was done to Mr Mapondera John is that he was said to be relative of the founding father, we are now in a crisis because of the neopatrimonialism ….truth must rain like bumharutsva.”