We’re Suffering Because Nyami Nyami Snake Is Angry | TRUTH or UTTER NONSENSE?
6 October 2019
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a river snake similar to the Nyami Nyami “god”

These people who are talking about the Nyaminyami phenomenon are no different from some politicians who believed that (refined) diesel fuel could come out of a rock.

That is utter nonsense.

Episodes of drought are common all over the world, California, Australia, Cape town, etc but people there look for practical solutions to mitigate the effects of the drought, like water conservation for example.

Climate change is a fact and how societies PREPARE for and participate in measures to slow down and eventually stop this phenomenon will make a difference.

Right now deforestation (in Zimbabwe) is rampant by the “emerging” farmers who are hacking down 100 year old trees to burn during tobacco curing. Pre-independence commercial farmers always used coal for that purpose. These farmers were smart and knew the importance of trees.

So, to those talking about the Nyaminyami nonsense, “STOP IT”!