Mysterious Fire Ravages Zvimba Homestead
10 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- A Zvimba family lost its belongings when a mysterious fire broke out on Sunday night.

The inferno occurred at Royden Plots in Ward 25 where Angela Muroyiwa, 43, escaped with burns.

Narrating her ordeal, Angela said she was still devastated after she lost food, clothes and building material in the inferno.

“It is being said there was a three-year old kid that lit that hut and an unbelievably heavy wind came and carried the flame to the second hut.

“Miraculously, this toddler is said to have run away from her mother at the compound and even the way he arrived back home was miraculous, we just saw him coming out of the burning hut.

“When we were looking for him, we asked about the fire lighter, some suspiciously said it was Pipi standing by the doorway.

“There were two wardrobes full of clothes, two beds, dressing table and one ton of maize, 10 cement bags, radio, battery, solar invertor, no serious injuries except my left arm which is still in pain,” said Angela.

Asked if there are any suspects, she said:

“I cannot point fingers at anyone but just suspect that this child was miraculously used by bad spirits.

“Yes there were a lot of miraculous things that have been happening around us for long, because vekomiti yechikoro vanga vachiti shungurudza.”

Angela said a mob led by one Zuruvi tormented her to leave her former homestead.

“They are the ones who have been always chasing us away from this farm house, they have been seriously traumatising us, imagine they gave us their notice in March, ordering us to have vacated by April, and we asked them why they were giving us that notice during the rainy season in April. How were we going to mould the farm bricks for our new homesteads, and they said we were just supposed to leave,” said Angela.

She also appealed for help after she lost all her belongings.

“So far here I have four children and one grandchild and her mother.

“I am a widow, I have a school going girl child in grade two, we live on farming, all my maize is now ashes and dust. I desperately need shelter for my children because I have two infants and we are sleeping outside, we are at zero, no clothes, no blankets, we got food from neighbours.

“We also thank our Councillor Ruzai Muchaurawa for the US$20 he brought with his District PC and chairman, it was too late for us to go to the shops, so we got food from the neighbours because it happened now-now.

“I came here after living at the farm house for the past 19 years with Mrs Zimuto, later this farm house was developed into a school by Councillor Ruzai Muchaurawa.

“From then, we started having conflicts with the school committee, saying we wanted time to finish my home so that I would safely move out because I have four daughters, and a school going girl, we could not move out and stay in the open.

“This committee finally pushed us out, that is when I finally came and squatter in these grass huts that have been brought down by this miraculous fire.

“Lastly, I would like to urge Councillor to keep on doing to the whole Roden Farm Community what he did for us from that time we started being tormented by this committee, otherwise we should be in the streets today, but he stood with us until today, we are homeless today but we are somewhere where we can get help since my husband passed on.”

— StateMedia