Zim To Experience Heavy Thunderstorms
11 October 2019
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Zimbabwe is expected to experience scattered thundershowers accompanied by lightning, strong winds and hail in some parts of the country, according to the Meteorological Services Department (MSD).

In a statement on Wednesday, the MSD said from yesterday, Manicaland, Matabeleland South, Masvingo, Midlands and parts of Mashonaland East were expected to start recording heavy rains.

Elsewhere, scattered clouds are expected to develop with some isolated thundershowers.

“The thundershowers may be very violent in some places and accompanied by lightning, strong winds and even hail,” said the MSD.
“The public is advised that it is safer to be indoors during thunderstorms and do not stay under trees as these tend to be natural lightning conductors.”

The country had been characterised by erratic weather, with very hot temperatures.

The MSD said the current spate of isolated heat storms, light showers coupled with thunder and lightning in places far apart was normal during this transitory stage between winter and the main rainy season which has not yet began.

“These thundershowers occur when a bit of moisture infiltrates the atmosphere from either Botswana, Zambia or South Africa,” it said.
“With the latter giving rise to cold conditions after the thundershowers.”State media