Mugabe Home Area Teachers Down Tools
13 October 2019
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Human Rights Lawyer Doug Coltart With Members of the Rural Teachers’ Union

ARTUZ Zvimba district joins the entire ARTUZ family countrywide to down tools on the 14th of October 2019.

Every teacher in Zvimba district is encouraged to heed the call for a strike. It is meant to ensure that dignity is restored in the teaching profession.

Teachers have been reduced to mere beggars at the hands of the government of our day.

The so-called austerity for prosperity measures are turning out to be austerity for poverty.

As Zvimba district we cannot just sit and wait for someone to fight for us. The fight for a living wage is for us teachers, let not cowardice ruin our fight for a living wage.

Do not fear fellow cdes, there is no amount of intimidation that must stop us from fighting a good cause.

Future generations will demand answers from us if we let the government take away the dignity of the teaching profession.

Oliver Chipfuwamiti ( ARTUZ Zvimba district Chairperson)