Impossible Voting Figures Emerge From Moza Elections, 100% Voter Turn Out At Numerous Polling Stations And All Voting For One Candidate!!!
17 October 2019
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Paul Nyathi|Reports coming through from Mozambique show some of the most outrageous elections figures that make the history of our own local election rigging allegations on ZANU PF look very minute.

Results sheets from a considerable number of polling stations in the general elections held on Tuesday indicate that an impossible hundred per cent of the registered voters cast their ballots in several polling stations.

Although the voter registration was held from 15 April to 30 May this year, it clearly defies belief that among the 800 or so people registered in any polling station, not one of them has died since registration, not one was too ill to travel, and not one had travelled away from the district.

Almost as unbelievable are the polling station result sheets which claim that between 90 and 100 per cent of those registered at the station voted for the same candidate.

It seems that overall country turnout in the election was around 50 per cent. So any polling station which claims a turnout of 90 per cent or more sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb.

An obviously fraudulent result came from one polling station identified as 092012-02, where all 800 registered voters supposedly voted in the presidential election – 799 of them voting for incumbent president Filipe Nyusi, and just one for Ossufo Momade, of the main opposition party, Renamo. There were no votes at all for Daviz Simango, of the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), and no blank or invalid votes.

The “100 per cent” polling stations are found mainly in Gaza, parts of Tete, Nampula and Cabo Delgado provinces. Not even one station in Maputo the capital city reported this impossible turnout.