RBZ Instructs Companies To Produce Despite Harsh Environment
17 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has said that companies must not wait for the economy to stabilise but should continue producing in any environment.

Speaking to captains of industry and commerce during her presentation at the 2019 bankers and banking survey launch in Harare this Thursday, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Deputy Governor, Dr Jesimen Chipika, said:

Why are the companies waiting for stability , our economy need production so we should forge ahead , so that by the time we are in real full swing the nation can derive more benefits.

Chipika speaks when production in the country has dwindled due to a number of factors including uncertainty brought by financial reforms, the huge deficit in power and fuel and the scarcity of foreign currency as well as dwindling demand for goods and services.

The remarks also come when some are sceptical of the local currency which is constantly losing value against risking reviving horror memories of the record high hyperinflation of 2008 which made Zimbabweans poor billionaires, including business people.