Musician Wreaks Havoc In Central Harare
19 October 2019
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Farai Dziva|Controversial musician Desmond Chideme, also known as Stunner, was involved in a public brawl as he allegedly bashed a moneychanger in central Harare.

See below the report that was compiled by Zim Celebs:

Rapper Desmond Chideme better known as Stunner recently caused a scene along Kwame Nkrumah when he bashed one money changer only identified as Ngoni for harassing his daughter Celeste.

Speaking to this publication, the money changer laughed at the issue and said he didn’t know she was Stunner’s daughter.

“Stunner approached me warning me not to harass his daughter ndikamuudza kuti akanyorwa pamhanza here kuti mwana wako vanhu vemuroad ava and iyoyo mhinduro ndo isina kumufadza akabva andirova handina kumbopihwa nguva yekubatanidza” he said.

In an interview with Zim Celebs, Stunner said he doesn’t mess around when it comes to family.

“When it comes to my family i don’t let people mess with my family. I didn’t beat him for proposing to my daughter but after he was rejected he called her names and she came to me saying daddy munhu uyo anga achindinetsa” he said.
— Zim Celebs