FULL TEXT- Linda Masarira’s LEAD Joins Anti Sanctions Fight
20 October 2019
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Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats joined that fight against sanctions because we are cognizant of the fact that sanctions are a form of economic warfare in Zimbabwe that has brought immense suffering on the masses in Zimbabwe.

As LEAD we are engaging with local communities and grassroots citizens having meetings discussing the effects of sanctions and the importance of speaking with one voice to push for sanctions to be lifted.

The most important ways to fight these sanctions are:

  1. Create a national campaign to educate our people that sanctions are warfare that is destroying our nation. We are currently doing this at party level and have seen CSCJF also doing door to door campaigns educating citizens on sanctions.
  2. Inform people and make it clear that the sanctions which were deployed by a national emergency by the American President are war and defense measures that can be escalated to a military invasion by an instruction by the same President if the Americans do not neutralize that threat that they believe Zimbabwe poses to their national, economic and security interest.

This already happened a number of times in South America, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Somalia.

  1. Teaching them to love the nation and each other to be willing to die for the nation as the first step to fight sanctions.
  2. Getting them to unite as countrymen who understand that they need each other to progress. We can’t fix Zimbabwe’s problems if we are divided.
  3. We are organizing people into community and social organizations to address the problems we have that allow the sanctions to be effective.
  4. We are calling on all progressive political parties and civic organisations to work with us as we seek to define, establish and build a national interest, identity and common interest to galvanize us to work towards a transformative developmental state.
  5. Addressing previous pains and divisions that polarized us to build reconciliation through traditional and spiritual means using our traditional leaders, elders and not politicians.
  6. Creating trust, responsibility and accountability for each other and our nation.
  7. Getting us to collectively invest, innovate, export, import substitute, solve problems, build, mine, farm, save and produce together to build the nation.
  8. Lobbying Govt to call a national emergency against sanctions.
  9. With that we must stand together as a nation to create noise and inform the world that the US, her European allies, Australia and Canada (our colonizers) have imposed economic war, sabotage and destabilization that is killing people, displacing millions, destroying the economy and making people suffer to change government undemocratically to force the country to give its resources to the sanctions senders.
  10. We are lobbying and conducting public engagements to create enough global awareness about these sanctions and the fact that they are violating 16mil Zimbabwean social, cultural and economic human rights for American and western economic interests. If push comes to shove we shall go and camp outside US Embassy.
  11. As a concerned alternative party in Zimbabwe we are on the process of forming partnerships with other countries who are sanctioned by the west.
  12. We are forging a drive for African political, economic and social unity because sanctions will be used to continue to subjugate African countries for strategic resources as they run out across the world and Africa increases control.

If we succeed in doing this. We will have the glue to make every Zimbabwean feel like they are a part of building Zimbabwe and a part of each other.

Each Zimbabwean from the civil servant, man on the street, worker, business man would feel like a contributor to building our home, Zimbabwe.

That way we create a new value system, sense of belonging and ownership that makes it difficult for people to steal, corrupt or sabotage what they have built together.

And for those who don’t have the sense of ownership, they will be pressured by the cultural change of collective common weal to toe the line by those who feel like owners.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Linda Masarira-Kaingidza
LEAD President