Obert Mpofu Sues His Own Party Youth Leaders For $10m
23 October 2019
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Lewis Matutu

State Media|ZANU-PF Secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu is suing the party’s deputy Secretary for the Youth League Lewis Matutu for $10 million for fingering him in corrupt activities.

The claim emanates from a press conference addressed by Matutu on June 24 this year at Zanu-PF headquarters. 

Dr Mpofu claims that his reputation and standing as a businessman and politician has been damaged in the eyes of the public because of the statement. 

He said the corruption allegations are false, malicious, scandalous, wrongful and defamatory to him.

“The content of the statement was widely disseminated in the local print and electronic media and on various social media platforms,” read the summons.

“The statement, in its defamatory, false and misleading allegations states the plaintiff has violated the foundation of democracy in Zimbabwe.

“That the plaintiff’’s corrupt inclinations continue to undermine socio economic transformation in Zimbabwe and, as a result defendant’s generation is suffering.”

Dr Mpofu added that the statement implies that corrupt individuals like him are undoing the gains of the liberation struggle. 

Matutu encouraged his generation to fight decisively and fearlessly to rid society of corruption and corrupt individuals like the plaintiff, read the summons.

“On the June 24, this year the defendant addressed a press conference at Zanu-PF headquarters in which he published a document termed ‘press statement of the Zanu-PF youth league,’” read the papers.

“The statement proceeded to include the plaintiffs name on a list of various individuals alleged to be corrupt, specifically under the section termed “government and Zanu-PF officials”.

He said Matutu intended the statement to be understood by his audience to mean Dr Mpofu is a corrupt, dishonest and a cruel politician.

“And that plaintiff has an obligation to offer an explanation to the public to exonerate himself from allegations of corruption and he must be named and shamed for being corrupt,” read the summons.

Dr Mpofu also wants interest on the $10 million calculated at the prescribed rate from date of issuing of summons to date of payment in full.