Tytan Spills The Beans About Olinda’s Allegations…
14 February 2020
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By Showbiz Reporter| Musician and ex husband to socialite, Olinda Chapel, Tytan Skhokho, has spoken following allegations of child neglect by Olinda.

Speaking Friday afternoon, Tytan said, “Nandi has never been left with anyone else all the weekends I have had her!

“This was a mere discussion about what I will do (since her mom insisted I can’t have her a day or two earlier, which I had suggested) seeing as it’s my party this weekend and I have work.

“I mentioned that during the few hours I will be out, she will be with same family members who I reside with, who have met Nandi and taken care of her with me everytime she has come to stay with me! This situation has broken my heart because it’s about my daughter!”

Tytan Skhokho speaks