Mnangagwa: Democracy Is Only Found Among Corpses, All Election Winners Are Mere Corpses | VIDEO V11.
11 March 2020
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By A Correspondent| As government goes ahead to push through constitutional amendments to turn Emmerson Mnangagwa into a monster leader with powers far greater than President Robert Mugabe’s, just what type of a country is this lovely nation about to turn into? Hard Video V11s show the ZANU PF leader saying he believes that all election winners are mere corpses, literally.

In a chilling warning during the same function where he said if he were God, he would deprive all MDC supporters of oxygen, Mnangagwa told a Masvingo gathering in April 2015, democracy is only found among corpses.

He spoke in the Shona vernacular saying, “to all of us here I always ask where are the majority, among the living or among the corpses?

“They are among the dead.

“Democracy says we must go to the majority. That’s why there is death on earth.

“It’s democracy, those who win elections are the majority.”