Woman Exposes Hubby Following Cheating Accusations
19 May 2020
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By Talent Gondo- In a suspected case of domestic violence, a woman allegedly disclosed illicit deals carried out by her husband that involved faking signatures and illegally smuggling people out of the country.

Fisher Chiyanike, 51, of Hatfield’s illicit deals came to light after he accused his wife Bianca Chiyanike, 35, of bedding another man.

Fisher, president of Zimbabwe United Nations Association (ZUNA) housed in Milton Park which was closed following a s..ex scandal involving him and students sometime in 2018, denied the allegation saying Bianca is employing dirty tactics to defend her shenanigans.

“To be honest with you my wife is up to destroy me because I discovered that she is dating a 27-year-old man by the name Ngoni,” said Chiyanike.

“We had a misunderstanding and that forced me to leave the house hurriedly and I only collected my suits, leaving the documents she is now using to destroy my life.

“I failed to collect all the documents because I was confused and furious over her shenanigans but the truth about the Dzivaresekwa business stand is that the Government allocated it to us.

“I never faked the signatures of Government officials. The documents are authentic and as for Innocent Dube, I cannot remember him,” said Chiyanike.

Documents showed signatures signed on another paper and glued to a document of the Zimbabwe Republic Police letterhead with a stamp dated io October 2012. The letter shows the names of senior police officers based at Harare Central Police Station.

Another document shows the name of the secretary for Local Government, Public Works and National Housing which Chiyanike claims is authentic, but the letterhead attached looks dubious.

Bianca told H-Metro that Chiyanike came up with a plan to solicit $299 000 from the alleged lover following the closure of borders since they made money from foreign trips.

“My husband’s craving for quick money has forced him to look for other ways to get money following the closure of his offices where he used to abuse students,” said Bianca.

“He used to fake signatures on documents he facilitated for people to leave the country and I have proof to this,” said Bianca showing documents of one Innocent Dube believed to be based in the United States of America now.

Police Criminal Investigations Department spokesperson Detective Inspector Portia Chinho could not be reached for comment at the time of going to print.

However, unconfirmed reports were that Chiyanike was yesterday arrested by police detectives believed to be from the Commercial Crime Unit.