TEAM FERRET IN SA: Mnangagwa’s Richard Gwesela II Resurfaces In South Africa, Calls Zimbabweans To Protest Against ED.
7 September 2020
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By A Correspondent | ANALYSIS| A man calling himself Jeff Judah Hossana, a modern Richard Gwesela, has resurfaced in South Africa rallying Zimbabweans to go and shut the nation’s border with South Africa, in an attack against his own boss, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Gwesela was a fictitious violent dissident, a state operator, during the Gukurahundi extrajudicial killings who was literally immortal for a whole 4 years running between 1983 and 1987 and was conveniently killed at the time of the signing of the unity accord between ZANU PF and Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU party.

He was killed by a newspaper article, literally.

The so called Jeff Judah Hossana, is not new to these operations:in 2017 he once got a group of Zimbabweans arrested for terrorism in South Africa. The arrested  had been rounded up in similar fashion as he told them he is taking them to Gorongoza, in Mozambique for military training, in preparation for attacks against the Zimbabwe defence forces.

ZimEye has unmasked him as a state operator for the Team Ferret.

Below is his latest video calling for Zimbabweans to travel to Mesina and shut the country’s border with South Africa as he says: “we are not going to return home and I want to tell every Zimbabwean who is residing in South Africa that if you refuse to come on Thursday 24th September after we have hired buses, you have refused to come after donors have poured in a lot of money to hire the buses and buy you food…
“I have a right to enter a police station and demand that every Zimbabwean must be allowed to come with us and we go together to remove Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Why are you choosing to stay away from this event? What will you be doing?

“Now it is looking like every Zimbabwean is insane, they do not think. South Africa is not your home you belong to Zimbabwe; is South Africa your home?

“We are saying he, Mnangagwa must step down, otherwise no one is going home until this happens.”

Investigative analysts say Mnangagwa is simply playing another Gwesela.

The Gwesela sequel.

ZIFA’s spokesperson, Xolisani Gwesela has in recent days responded to allegations by some quarters in Matebeleland who attack him saying that he is the son of the notorious so called dissident, Ranson or Richard Gwesela, a terrorist Mnangagwa created in the 1980s.

Thousands of people sensationally flocked to a police station in Gweru on the 18th November 1987 for a glimpse of the bullet-riddled corpse of Zimbabwe’s most wanted “fugitive.”

Zimbabwe Republic Police say Richard Gwesela, a former guerrilla fighter, was a gang leader who terrorized the people of two provinces for four years.

Gwesela was alleged to have murdered 20 people in the Midlands and neighbouring Matabeleland provinces. He also was said to have raped women and robbed villagers.

In silence, onlookers walked past his body sprawled beneath a wanted poster offering $30,000 for him, dead or alive.

The state media said Gwesela was the country’s most wanted man, and was killed in a gunbattle with Zimbabwean security forces near Gweru “on Sunday,” earlier.

His death was reported for the first time three days later, on the Wednesday. There were no independent investigations to confirm the state media report.

His mother and an uncle identified the corpse as Gwesela, and police fingerprints confirmed the identity, according to the state media report.

″Gwesela had killed more than 20 people since he started operating in the area,″ Enos Nkala, home affairs minister in charge of police, told reporters. ″Now he is going to join them, whether in heaven or hell, we don’t know,” he said.


33 years later, some Mthwakazi activists have begun claiming ZIFA’s Gwesela was rewarded the sports job for a sterling role the supposed father played as an insider who staged for Emmerson Mnangagwa during Gukurahundi in order to kill civilians, pursuing Emmerson Mnangagwa’s terror operation to kill people under the guise of flushing out dissidents.

One activist makes the above chilling allegations (pic).

Responding however, ZIFA’s Mr Xolisani Gwesa told ZimEye, the so called Gwesela was not even a real Gwesela.

He said: “This writer is waffling. I am shocked by these ghastly falsehoods.

“I am the son of the late Chief Gwesela whose real name was Cornelius Nobody Gwesela Ndebele who died in 1996.He was never a dissident. The so called “dissident Gwesela” was never a Gwesela and his real name was Zedious Mangena.

“I am holder of a Masters Degree in Media and Society studies, Post grad Diploma in Media , Bsc Honours degree , Diploma in Management and Diploma in Sport Management.

“I have over 15 years experience in media management and sport management and events coordination. I joined Zifa purely on merit.

“The Gweselas are also from Zhombe and not Lower Gweru. The Gweselas are also from Zhombe and not Lower Gweru.”