Open Letter To ED- “Corruption Is Worse Than Sanctions”
28 October 2020

Dear Mr President

Mr President, your Excellence Sir, i  write this letter to you seeking   your urgent intervention on these  serious cases of economic  sabotage  and destruction. Yes sanctions do  hurt our economy but corruption and  smuggling are destroying our economy.

We don’t have control on  those  who imposed these illegal sanctions  on us so there is no need to waste  precious time, energy and  resources fighting a losing battle.

 Instead  focus on those who are destroying  our economy. Mr President you  know these economic destroyers as you  wine and dine with them.

No wonder  they are even so daring to carry out  their shenanigans openly that even a blind person can see it.

It is not surprising that a President of Miner’s Federation was finally arrested trying to smuggle  gold. Only God knows how many  times  she has successfully smuggled out

You know it Mr President that  Zimbabwe is losing in excess of 30  tons of gold annually through  smuggling.

I once reported to the ministry of  Mines on how gold was being  sourced  from custom milling plants and  smuggled out of Zimbabwe.

The  response  i got from the ministry was very  disheartening showing that even  those
 in the ministry, police, zimra are  also involved in the smuggling  racket. These people must be  arrested and given very harsh  sentences.

The culprits must work in prison  farms feeding the whole nation.

Zimbabwe has more than enough  resources to bust the sanctions but  because of corruption and  smuggling our economy is in the  ICU. Only  you Mr President can stop this
 mess by being bold and tough.

You  don’t  have to smile at those sabotaging  the economy, they must not be  your  friends Mr President because they  are our enemies. We are suffering   because of these people.
You have done enough talking Mr  President now its time to act. 

We  demand action Mr President. You  are the people’s President Sir so  protect your people.

Down with those sabotaging our  economy!

True Patriot

Munya Shumba