Soul Jah Love Explodes Over Capetown ‘Show-Disaster’
1 November 2020

By Showbiz Reporter | Singer Soul Jah Love has exploded after fans expressed disappointment why he did not perform at his billed Capetown show.

Speaking via video the singer alleged that he was used by promoters who simply had an agenda to pull fan traffic and then sabotage on payments due to him.

While it was difficult at the time of writing to get a comment from the accused promoters, Paul Musaka said

Soul Jah Love: “I couldn’t perform because they came to pick me up at 12:11 midnight yet the club was supposed to be closed at 12. So now because they had JahMaster‚Ķ they just wanted to use me to gather people so that they won’t pay me back my money -“@EargroundZw video