JUST IN – Double Tragedy As Man Dies In South Africa Barely 3 Months After Mother’s Passing On
2 November 2020

By A Correspondent| Double tragedy has hit a family, after a South African based man was reported dead inside a hospital in the border town of Musina.

This was according to an announcement made via audio messaging.

The man, only identified as Derreck Ndlovu was last Friday said to have departed and his body ‘stranded’ inside the mortuary.

The full announcement reads as follows –

Greetings good people. I have announcement about a lad called Derreck Ndlovu. I once had conversations with this lady when be told me he comes from Domboshawa in the Mverechena area, he was very tall lad. Many people knew him by being tall but I asked him his name when he told me he is Derreck. This lad now has two months since entering hospital at Musina.

Today I received word that he has died, today the 30th October. Three to four months ago his brothers once came from it is believed Pretoria or Joburg, and came to where he was living while traveling to their mother’s funeral in Domboshawa, it was said the mother died in an inferno.

So now there is noone with contacts ofrphone numbers of the brothers. So I was asking if there is anyone hearing this notice, they must spread the word. He died today the 30th October.