Evacuated Chimanimani Residents Return Back to Their Homes
31 December 2020
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Picture Credit: Lovex Kimbini

Chimanimani residents returning to their homes
Ngangu residents return back to their homes from evacuation centres

Chimanimani residents who had sought refuge at Evacuation Centres have returned back to their homes in Ngangu this morning after spending two nights away from the threat of Cyclone Chalane.

According to Kimbini, the weather in Chimanimani has improved with the cyclone threat said to have subsided.

“We have good weather today and there was minimal damage to some houses whose roofs were blown off yesterday.
Many pple have decided to go back to their respective homes as most of the centres are inhabitable and the living conditions there can be a breeding ground for several diseases,” said Kimbini.

He added that the people had to return to their homes earlier than planned due to fear of threats of other diseases such as Covid-19 due to the shambolic nature of the preparations.