One Person Dies As Heavy Rains Hit Kariba
4 March 2021
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The incessant rains that have rendered some communities in Nyaminyami including Mola and Mayovhe inaccessible except through boats have left one person dead and damaged 16 homesteads.

With communication cut off, modalities for the transfer of serious health cases from Mayovhe, Mola and Chalala clinics by boat to Kariba District Hospital instead of the nearby Siakobvu Hospital are being worked out.

The area received a staggering 262mm of rain on February 27, 113mm a day earlier, and 63mm on February 28.

Rains have persisted in recent days, registering a rainfall average for the week 265,5mm for some areas including Siakobvu.

Engineers from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development visited the affected areas yesterday amid indications that a contractor would be engaged to temporarily restore connectivity while a long-term solution is being worked out.

There are fears that food distribution for the drought-prone region, where little agricultural activity is undertaken owing to inclement weather conditions and wild animals would be affected.

As of yesterday, the washed away section of the Siakobvu-Bumi Hills road, especially at the notorious Ndepa Escarpment, remained characterised by gullies and debris, including boulders and mud.

Ndepa, whether in fair weather or not, is a steep descent which only customised vehicles can tame.

Kariba District assistant district development coordinator, Ms Patience Mubango, said stakeholders including Bumi Hills and Padenga who have boats and ferries, have been engaged to assist in the transfer of serious cases.-The Herald

Heavy rains