ZANU PF AND MDC T Working In Cahoots To Discredit People’s #Agenda2021
13 March 2021
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ZANU PF and MDC T Information Departments have forged a clandestine pact where the two exchange notes with the sole intention to discredit MDC Alliance and the People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

We have it on good authority that following President Chamisa’s on point #Agenda2021 address, MDC T Spokesman Witness Dube was tasked by his compatriots in ZANU PF Information Department to issue a statement with guided content attacking our leader.

It is no coincidence that the exact narrative, phrases and words used by both ZANU PF and its surrogate party, MDCT are exactly the same.

There was a collaboration by the two unpopular political outfits to use terms like “hollow”, “divisive” and “arrogant” in a veiled attack on the person of President Chamisa.

The plan is to misrepresent and repackage the People’s President, Advocate Chamisa to suit the ZANU PF agenda of plurality without diversity and dialogue.

The MDC T Information Department even went a notch up defending ZANU PF’s intended establishment of one party state by attacking through its deliberate misrepresentation of President Chamisa’s idea of Citizens Convergence as “one party state within opposition”.

The resemblance of the idea of unity narrative basing this on Chipinge issue by both parties exposes shocking underhand dealings between MDC T and ZANU PF in their ill fated plan to discredit the people’s movement.

Simply put the MDC T statement was a clear photocopy of the ZANU PF presser which only served to prove citizens’ long held view that the former is an appendage of the latter.

This is not the first time that the MDC T and ZANU PF adulterous affair is made a public wedding.

Remember the leaked Memory Mbondiya(MDC T) and Lilian Timveous (ZANU PF) audio where reference was made to behind the scenes talks not to have by elections were mooted.

ZANU PF and its extension, MDC T need to be reminded that Nelson Chamisa ceased to be an individual a long time ago.

He is now an emblem, an idea and icon that represents the wishes of long suffering citizens.

Any attack on his person is not enough to distract the people’s agenda.

We reiterate that resistance and resilience is our new normal as we pursue #Agenda2021.




Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson