Zim Scholar Tells Zanu PF Legislators To Reject Patriot Bill
17 March 2021
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A Zimbabwean scholar Dr Justice Mavedzenge has shared what he said are key points why people in the ruling ZANU PF should not support the Zimbabwe Patriot Bill saying the same law is likely to be used against them when they fall out of favor with the authorities.

In a thread posted on Twitter, Dr Mavedzenge said once they fall out of favour, they will not be able to speak against the abuse of state institutions against them.

below is Dr Mavedzenge’s thread….

Dear @TogarepiPupurai & @ my brother @TafadzwaMugwadi . First, I must state that I am NOT a member of any party including @mdczimbabwe & @zanupf_patriots . I am a patriotic Zimbo scholar & a pan Africanist, with friends across parties

My colleagues including Dr @KikaMusa have already written about why this Bill is not a good idea in its current form. Therefore, no need for me to repeat the same. But let me share a view on why YOU & your colleagues in ZANU should NOT support this Bill in its current form:

This law will certainly be used against you & your colleagues in the not so distant future, when you fall out of favour with the authorities. You will not be able to speak out against their abuse of institutions against you, as that would be construed as undermining Zimbabwe.

People from across parties should worry about this bill, including the President @edmnangagwa

So, yes today the Bill may be targeted at @nelsonchamisa , @BitiTendai & their colleagues, but this law will be used to put YOU & your colleagues in jail WHEN you fall out of favour with the bosses/chefs as you call them in ZANU

I rest my case Sirs.