Fearless Netsai Marova Blasts Incompetent Police Force
23 March 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Fearless MDC Alliance Youth Assembly official, Netsai Marova has called for resignation of police boss Godwin Matanga.

Matanga is presiding over an incompetent police force, according to the brave MDC Alliance youth leader.

The State is playing hide and seek with targeted political activists.

Below is Netsai Marova’s statement:

I was back in court today on allegations of resisting an arrest/ Assault (sickening charge) that the law and order Officer was again claiming did not have an order to arrest myself, Prof Madhuku and others who were part of the presser which was adressed by Hon Joana Ruvimbo Mamombe in solidarity with Makomborero Haruzivishe.

It is sad to note that after a whole week of unlawful detention from the 5th- 11th of March the State was not ready to furnish us with the trial date .

The State is requesting more time to take the docket back to Central for proper preparation and submission of a full docket for use by the court.

All this clearly justifies our call for resignation of Matanga whose leading a rotten institution that doesn’t respect proper equality of the law and respect of human rights.

Lastly was glad to interact with Zinasu Zinasu student leaders, Falon Dunga Allan Chipoyi Pritchard T Paradzayi Glown Magaya who were jointly charged of demostrating against the illegal arrest and detention of Pres Takudzwa Ngadziore.

We deserve justice and hope it’ll be served in our life time!

Netsai Marova