Charamba Says Zim Refused To Sign UN Resolution Against Genocide Because Of ‘Libya Fears’.
24 May 2021
George Charamba

Presidential spokesman George Charamba last week published a thread responding to questions on why Zimbabwe refused to agree to UN General Assembly Resolution for the responsibility to protect against genocide, saying it ends up being a responsibility to invade.

Below was the full unedited thread:

Zimbabwe voted nyet (Russian term for “no”) against this omnibus General Assembly Resolution especially because of the part of it to do with the responsibility to protect, R2P.

Those with no sense of recent history or who mistakenly think western global imperial power is benign and benevolent, forget it was precisely this same clause – RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT – which was used to attack Gaddafi’s Libya, and which almost got invoked for use against Zimbabwe had it not been for the double veto by Russia and China!

And Libya tells the world how the West needs the clause to arrogate unto itself the RESPONSIBILITY TO INVADE FOR OIL, LAND, MINERALS and other INTERESTS using spurious grounds and securing a veneer of UN legality.

Today, Gaddafi is dead; Libya continues to die while the West retains the PREROGATIVE TO DO WAR WHILE STEALING LIBYAN OIL MIDST THAT WAR IT STARTED AND CONTINUES TO FUND AND FAN!

Often what is termed GENOCIDE is not that; rather, it neatly fits within Western extra-territorial goals. This is why what Israel does against the Palestinians falls neither under GENOCIDE or RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT, even though we all know it is GENOCIDAL DEFINITION ITSELF crying out for an American-led RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT!

Daily America, United Kingdom oppose even the mildest resolution in defence of the Palestinian people yet are keen to indict China on Chinese citizens of Moslem faith, and Venezuelans of Venezuela!

In the 19th Century, the mantra was encapsulated in the THREE Cs: CHRISTIANIZE, CIVILIZE and COLONIZE in that omnibus order.

We all know what happened before the Century of those laudable Cs ran out!! The RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT citizenry of ANY NATIONALITY is that of the NATION-STATE of that polity.

It is a moot point to ask the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to accept a joint Russia-Chinese-led global intervention on its territory to exercise and enforce responsibility to protect BLACKS in AMERICA who are VICTIMS OF DAILY GENOCIDAL ATTACK.

Zimbabwe’s foreign policy options at United Nations are clear and grounded in its own history, experience, interests, principles and understanding of world affairs. Ndatenda!