Zim Muslim Community Braces For Qurban
29 June 2021
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By A Correspondent-It is about 20 days to Qurban, wherein the Muslims across the globe perform their annual feast of animal sacrifice.

ZimEye.com reporter caught up with the Zimbabwe National Zakat Fund (Zimnzaf) National Director, Sheikh Henry Balakazi who explained Qurban as one of the major characteristics of the Eid-ul-Adha.

“Eid-ul-Adha is a celebration of animal sacrifice that Muslims do to mark the end of the annual pilgrimage which happens during the 12th or last month of the Islamic calendar known as Dhul-Hija in Arabic.
“The sacrificing of animals (Qurban) is done on three consecutive days starting from the day of Eid-ul-Adha, 10th Dhul-Hija which will correspond to 20 July 2021, after the Eid prayer.
“This is done to follow the footsteps of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) when he was commanded by Allah (God) to sacrifice his son (Ishmael) as a test of his faith. And when he passed the test Allah put a sheep in place of Ishmael,” said Sheikh Balakazi.

Quran 22 v37 says “It is neither the meat nor the blood that will reach Allah but the devotion or God’s consciousness in your hearts,” translated Sheikh Balakazi the Arabic quote to English.

“Muslims who possess wealth equivalent to or above the Nisab (a minimum threshold of wealth in savings) should slaughter either a goat or sheep and share the meat with their neighbors and needy families. As Zimnzaf we are reaching out to Muslims locally and abroad to do their Qurban with us,” said sheikh Balakazi.

In the face of Covid 19 under the new normal, Sheikh Balakazi urged Muslims in Zimbabwe to carry out Qurban in a manner that is compliant with both the halaal and national health standards.

“I urge individuals and Islamic organisations that will do Qurban this year to involve the police when buying livestock to avoid buying stolen livestock and ensure that they seek the assistance of veterinary officers in their respective districts to avoid buying diseased animals.
“They should also desist from improperly handling their livestock and ensure that they slaughter them at halaal certified abattoirs in order to avoid skinning and cutting carcasses on unclean grounds,” said Sheikh Balakazi.

In Zimbabwe the Qurban period brings with it brisk business to livestock farmers across the country.

Zvamaida Chinodya (69) of Chitsungo, Mbire District a livestock and crops farmer is targeting to increase his sell of livestock to Muslims this year.
“Last year I sold a cow and two goats from my kraal to Muslim buyers for their animal sacrifice here in Chitsungo, after they had paid me my money they were too generous to share with me some meat which I enjoyed with my family.
“This year I am targeting to double my sell to two cows and three goats because they buy at lucrative prices,” said Chinodya.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi commended the Muslims in Zimbabwe on working closely with the ZRP in clearing their livestock during their annual animal sacrifices.

“We have not yet recorded any cases where the Muslims buy stolen livestock for their religious rites.
“We encourage them to continue working with the police on the ground whenever they are doing their programmes,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.