We Have The Grand Plan- MDC Alliance
30 July 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|While the Zanu PF regime is desperate to push President Nelson Chamisa to release his political strategies, the MDC Alliance maintains the charismatic leader has the “grand plan.”

Zanu PF is using various platforms to unleash vitriol against the MDC Alliance in a bid to reshape public opinion.

Below is the MDC Alliance response to Zanu PF politicking:

They steal and loot.

We champion wealth for all.

They go abroad for healthcare.

We seek better health for all.

They jail the young.

We let the young lead.

They blame sanctions.

We fight corruption, state capture & the politicization of state institutions.

They refuse to pay teachers.

We champion education, better pay and jobs for all.

They demolish homes and evict villagers.

We champion property rights, investment and economic stability.
They politicize food aid.
We champion skills, food and opportunity for all.

They play catch and release.

We champion accountability, transparency and justice.

A man or woman who is building a house does not move around showing the plan.

Only a mad man will take his plan to a beerhall to show off. Strategy is no longer a strategy if its public knowledge. #ManWithAPlan