15yr Old “Wife” Elopes To Neighbour
2 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- A 15 year old girl this week left community shell-shocked after she eloped with two different men who are neighbors in the Chapara compound within one day.

The girl, who cannot be named to protect her identity, eloped on the eve of August 22, 2021, to stay with her alleged boyfriend Lovemore Hove (29) who she is alleged to have met on WhatsApp and promised to marry her.

It is alleged that Hove sent the minor bus fare using Ecocash which she used to travel to his place and stay with him.

When the girl arrived at Hove’s place, she allegedly noticed that her boyfriend was older than what she thought and Hove allegedly tried to have se_xual intercourse with the girl, who then reportedly faked to be on her monthly period.

The next morning Hove is said to have left the girl alone at his place while he went to work and Shepherd Geke (22) then saw the girl whilst she was outside Hove’s apartment and went on to propose love to her, promising her girl a better life.

Geke persistently asked the girl to move in with him, after which the girl gave in and moved out of Hove’s house to stay with Geke.

Hove then returned from work and was shocked as his ‘wife to be’ had already moved in with Geke who allegedly had se_xual intercourse with the minor.

Out of anger, Hove proceeded to Mkwasine Police Station where he filed a report accusing the girl and her new lover of stealing his mobile phone.

Police investigations however revealed that Hove had a vendetta with Geke who had snatched his girlfriend.

Geke is now facing charges of having se_xual intercourse with a minor and is yet to appear in court.