MDC Alliance Namibia Statement On 22nd Anniversary
13 September 2021
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Mdc Alliance Namibia commemorates 22 years of fighting under the theme:

Bringing citizens together to win Zimbabwe for change.

11 September 2021

On this fundamental and historic day in the national democratic revolution, Mdc Alliance Namibia joins the rest of the globe in celebrating the day that the political behemoth was formed.

We are quite jovial and jubilant to commemorate 22 years since the inception of our revolutionary cause, founded on the dire need to erect a democratic Zimbabwe and deliver positive change and socio-economic transformation to the suffering masses. It inspires social democrats in Namibia to witness young Zimbabweans, some born shortly before or after its formation, taking ownership of the meaningful idea that it represents.

The district lauds with enormous satisfaction the exhibition of extraordinary energy, commitment, dedication, courage and determination to prosecute the struggle to its logical conclusion. Despite desperate efforts by the Harare regime to annihilate the fight for freedom,the popular movement has remained resilient and fortified.

Since the inception of the people’s party on 11 September 1999 when the movement was led by the late doyen of social democracy, President Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai to the current generation championed by the political mountain, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, Zanupf has been trying relentlessly, albeit without success ,to decimate the political formation. May the dear soul of President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai rest in power!

In line with our 2021 agenda, the theme:Bringing citizens together to win Zimbabwe for complete change is a reflection of our quest to unite and confront the satanic Zanupf regime which has started our country down the slopes poverty and economic decay. As social democrats,we shall soldier on with the fight against the arbitrary arrests, torture and high levels of human butchery.

Mdc Alliance Namibia feels energised to invest more moral, material and financial support to accomplish the journey commenced by our forebears; rest in power President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, Susan Tsvangirai, Tonderai Ndira, Rebecca Mafikeni, Talent Mabika, Joshua Bakacheza, Learnmore Judah Jongwe only to mention but a few. Your blood and sweat shall continue to water the freedom tree.

Moreover, President Hichilema’s sweet victory against dictatorship in Zambia strengthened our resolve to continue demanding justice and freedom.

The success reminds us that the pursuit of social democracy requires principled and focused leadership anchored on resilience ,consistency ,determination and strategy. He did not halt because the opposite side had thwarted him several times before he finally won after 26 years of fighting gross misgovernance in Zambia. Like the Zambians,we shall never give up because of persecution by prosecution. We are not going to surrender because there are clueless Zanupf naysayers who are seeing their removal as a fallacy. As a district, we drew astonishing lessons and inspiration from that experience.

Furthermore, Mdc Alliance Namibia needs to categorically make it clear to the satanic regime that our vibrant democratic revolution led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa is based on an idea that is tightly woven into the fabric of society. It is evident that Zanupf looters have tried several things and they will keep on trying, anticipating to eradicate the democratic party forever but that will never happen to us like what happened to Tekere Edgar , Joshua Nkomo and others who were swallowed as a sure way of establishing a primitive stone age style of leadership.

Mdc Alliance Namibia is confident that they shall continue to fail dismally because our movement is bigger than the material things they are grabbing and destroying exploiting state apparatus for the primitive accumulation of national resources. Zanupf and their surrogates should know that our people are rooted and headquartered within their hearts and minds not at Morgan Tsvangirai House.

Over the past year after the Supreme Court judgement, we evidenced a sustained and determined insatiable appetite by Zanupf thugocrats to undermine and derail the freedom train.

We are quite aware that the politically inept Zanupf regime despises a strong opposition because it prefers the absolete politics of one- party state which suffocates and paralyses the alternative. Mdc Alliance Namibia have seen the dictators in Zimbabwe exploiting counterfeit democrats as opposition to deliberately impersonate the real people’s project, usurp the People’s assets and to illegally expel constitutionally elected political representatives from elected bodies.

Moreover,they diverted public funds that were legally owned by the Mdc Alliance led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa based on the party’s performance in 2018 elections.

Social democrats in Namibia know very well that the idea is to suffocate us politically and financially and drive us to extinction but that will never transpire because the diaspora is ready to subscribe and donate to the political generator. Mdc Alliance Namibia supposes that Zanupf and their enablers are suffering from a fundamental delusion since they are busy mistaking buildings for institutions, confusing money for votes.

In a nutshell, Mdc Alliance Namibia invites all Zimbabweans globally to the Citizens Convergence for Change to win Zimbabwe for the change that delivers. Lets all register to vote, vote in 2023 and defend the vote. It must be clear to all social democrats that if you do not vote, do not complain. Lets take revolutionary lessons from Zambia, Malawi, Morocco only to mention but a few. We need to embrace participatory democracy as we approach 2023.

President Hichilema won after 26 years of confronting dictatorship in Zambia.








Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya