Guvamatanga Says: This Story Of USD60 million Looted By Drax Is A Lie
10 October 2021

By Business Reporter | Belpw are the words of the Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga as he defended the Drax accused former Health Minister Obadiah Moyo. Guvatamga was at the time speaking to the state owned Z X

There’s no financial loss to Zimbabwe on that contract.



Not at all; there’s no financial loss. On the basis of the information that has been translated to us because of the nature that the contract was designed.



The contract was designed in such a way that a payment could only be affected upon advance delivery of drugs and medicines into Zimbabwe of the value that we would then pay; so drugs and medicines to the tune of 2 million were delivered.



And an amount of 2 million was paid. And I do not know where everyone who talks about a 60 million fraud, 50 million corruption, where they get the 60 million from. Right? So if someone illegally tries to sign a contract, why would someone then come and say there is a contract that has been the signed when the company is illegal and has been cancelled?



Why does it become part of a narrative? So government of Zimbabwe did sign a contract of 20 million illegally, and that is it, we have no other legal contract that we signed, so this amount of 60 million is a lie, we never ever at any given time as government of Zimbabwe had a valid contract worth 60 million with this particular supplier, never.