Drunk Teen Gulps Down Pesticide
29 October 2021

A drunk teenage boy who was scolded by his relative for taking bronco decided to gulp cotton pesticide leading to his death while he was being rushed to a clinic.

The incident happened in Murwira Village, Chisina Ward 3 in Gokwe, Midlands’ province.
A relative who declined to be named said Sibonginkosi Dlamini (16) had become a drug addict as he used to take bronco.

Bronco is a commonly abused cough syrup.

When Dlamini’s relative realised that Dlamini was getting wasted by taking bronco she severely scolded him.

“It was around 8pm last week on Sunday when she sat him down and reprimanded him for taking bronco and warned him to refrain from it.

“It seems that did not go down well with him because at around 9pm he gulped a cotton pesticide and died moments later while he was being rushed to Krima Clinic,” said a relative.

Councillor for Ward 3 Shungu Maruza confirmed the incident.

“We are saddened by the untimely death of the youngster. It is sad because he died without falling sick, but after he was scolded for taking drugs,” he said.

He added: “Children in the past belonged to the whole community, but that has changed thus affecting children’s behaviour as people just watch wrong being done. The laws in the family impact society but we no longer have those laws.”-BMetro