Chief Chikwaka Is Also An Accused Person
15 November 2021

Goodness and Mercy Ministries founder Prophet T Freddy’s lawyer Jevous Mudimu has responded to remarks by Chief Chikwaka that the powerful cleric raped ZBC Presenter Rutendo Makuti.

Mudimu said Chief Chikwaka is also an accused person as he was involved in alleged extortion of T Freddy.

Chief Chikwaka was filmed accusing T Freddy of fighting Makuti following his alleged dismissal or termination of contract at ZBC.

He accused T Freddy of engaging in an adulterous affair with Makuti.

Chikwaka also gave his side of the story on what transpired since the alleged relationship between TFreddy and Makuti.

But Mudimu said Chief Chikwaka has no moral ground to accuse TFreddy of fighting Makuti saying he also has a case to answer over the alleged extortion against the influential preacher.

Watch Mudimu speaking to ZimEye on the T Freddy and Makuti alleged relationship, allegations of rape and the case of extortion before the Harare Magistrates court;