MDC Alliance Intensifies Recruitment Efforts
30 November 2021
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Masvingo Youth Assembly intensfies the Rural outreach programme in Masvingo Central and South constituencies Respectively

On Sunday 28 November the Masvingo Youth Assemby leadership descended in Masvingo Rural District in Gwamanjoma Village 24 Masvingo Central and Chiwawa in Masvingo South for Soccer and Netball games. Provincial leadership led by Chairman Benard Chimwango,Vice Chair Lovemore Mapuranga,Archford Mudzengi,Timoth Muswere,Sam Tsvangirai,Admire Mufamba accompanied by National Members Advocate Mavhaire and Kingsley Sibanda took the rural communitty to a splendid day of gospel of Chamisa. Masvingo Urban youth chair Jonh Murairwa also in attendance solidaritily gunnered behind. 7 teams from 7 villages played soccer. The much wanted women participation was witnessed as 5 teams converged for the netball games and also in song and dance for the support of their respective teams.

Prizes in hard US Cash were handed over to the winning teams. Speaker after speaker insisted on the importance of voter registration and voting. There was an electric mood of song and dance to the popular song “Dairai dairai slogan itaai kuti hawu…” Youths among them women came in numbers and assured their allegience to President Chamisa and also explained how they have come to understand the importance of registering to vote.
The Leaders further endured the mountanious terrains and poor roads to Masvingo South Constituency in Chiwawa Village. Upon arrival of the leadership the scores of people at the ground were already shouting the popular Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana slogan ressembling that the message was well received before it got delivered. National Youth Deputy Treasurer Judith Tobaiwa also travelled the long journey and had joined the troops in Chiwawa Village.The local people most of them young men and women expressed joy and confidence for the leaderships gesture to sponsor and grace the event. 10 teams battled for the prize money.
The Visiting leadership also left the hundreds of people in stiches as they clashed in a tighltly contested 100meters race where Chair Chimwango proved to be a force to reckon with in atheletics.

Under the annoited leadership of Preident Chamisa through to the rurals indeed the MDCA Masvingo Youth Assembly is in Control.

Thanks to all the leaders who made this programme a success.


Masvingo Provincial Youth Assembly Spokesperson

Timoth Muswere