You Can Kill Me If You Want, Says President Mnangagwa’s Uncle
17 December 2021
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Emmerson Mnangagwa’s uncle Ephius Munodawafa has challenged ZANU PF me,need baying for his blood, to go ahead as he does not have any regrets over his recent statements calling for a change of behaviour in the country, failure which a military implosion could happen. 

Chief Murinye’s outcry against corruption have drawn criticism from some loud sections in the ruling party.   

Ephius Munodawafa (Chief Murinye) with Emmerson Mnangagwa

He has since responded to critics in a WhatsApp group saying: 

I was going to the capital city and I saw a roadblock and I asked the propol, please stop that car that is carying presidential inputs fertilizer. It is coming from the farm of a very senior person and going to be sold in the capital city Harare. I know that some of these people are inside this group. I told the police head I won’t tell you my name but I’m asking you to do this. I explained that this car is carying fertilizer from the presidential scheme. And since this day nothing has happened concerning that car and you are saying, hear no evil, see no evil.

You can kill me if you want.


By Dr Masimba Mavaza | Circulating video footage of Chief Murinye born Mukoma Ephius Munodawafa has revealed disconcerting but not unfamiliar disquiet towards chiefs. It all started with a speech at a funeral in Masvingo where Chief Murinye was giving a grave side speech an honour usually accorded all senior members available.

Ephius Munodawafa (Chief Murinye) with president Emmerson Mnangagwa

Chief Murinye gave a thirty minute speech but the public was only given a three minute stitched up snippets of the speech. Who ever made the video suffered from a serious selective audio disorder syndrome. He simply put together different episodes and the whole recording struck the public with an out of context narrative.

Mukoma Ephius Murinye is a lawyer by profession and a successful businessman specialising in transport business. He is again a dedicated Christian and an elder in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, an accomplished master guide.

A master guide is a specially trained person in all walks of life guided by Christ for him who guides others in the world towards Christ. Munodawafa understands that we are in the world but we are not of this world.

His speech has made his enemies celebrate with Joy as they seek to bring him down.

One must ask himself this question. Since when did we start taking advise from opposition newspapers.

Many opposition papers have grabbed the video and started spinning it. They completely took the video way out of context and drive their own narrative.
Chief Ephius Murinye understands politics very well. He is not a man who can itch for a coup.

A point chief Murinye always say was that there was never a coup in Zimbabwe. While the army was in the streets maintaining peace President Mugabe was executing his Presidential duties. He was in Chinhoyi contacting a graduation ceremony. He attended to some businesses until his party recalled him.
South Africa recalled several presidents but was never said to be having a coup.
The process which was used to remove President Mugabe was not a coup. It was a constitutional way which demanded the army to take their constitutional stand and keep peace since the police were overwhelmed.

Contrary to what the private press reported Chief Murinye never said that he wanted a coup. He said “ the president is surrounded by thieves” he then asked “ do we have to go to Vallerio Simbanda and ask him to remove the thieves around the president.

Murinye is indeed brave and is paying for his bravery. There are people who are around the president who are thieves. Some have multiple farms. Some have billions from our minerals. Some charge people to meet the president. Some personalise the president and think that he is theirs alone. We have a lot of parrots in the government who only sing praises to ED even if things are bad.
Murinye must be applauded for telling the president that things are hard on the ground.

Some parrots lied to the president that we will win overwhelmingly in 2018. We had to scrape through; it was not an easy win.
We are on the ground and the president deserves the truth. Lying to the president is not a sign of patriotism. Murinye simply told the president the truth. “If you do not deal with the thieves around you now 2023 may not be your way.”

Mukoma Ephius was only a messenger, a prophet who simply warned the president of the corrupt vampires around him.
Commenting on the video Cde honourable Pupurai Togarepi said “That was unfortunate. In my view he is a playing front for some antagonistic forces. The President is fighting corruption and it’s everyone’s duty to do the same.

Ngaataure vari corrupt vacho vasungwe kwete kutaura generalized statements.”
Chief Murinye replied to this by saying “ i understand those who are horrified by that video. Even myself I am horrified. The video was sexed to bring a negative narrative. I will never ever agitate a coup in Zimbabwe. I paused a question to the corrupt ones if we should ask V Sibanda to come for those surrounding the President.” Its not a secret that there are thieves around the president. They are tarnishing the name of the President everyday.

We have thieves in every aspect of our economy and as a chief it is my duty to denounce corruption.” He went on to say
If we do not deal with corruption our President will not win it for us in 2023.”
There are idiots who think they are more ZANU PF than others. These Mafikizolos are destroying it for ED.

I regret the deliberate misconstruction of the video.

If any person takes my speech to mean something else i apologise. But the truth is clear. I cannot be a happy Chief when my people are groaning under the cruelty of corrupt vampires surrounding the president.

My duties as a chief are multiple, ranging from maintenance of social norms to provision of basic social amenities for my people to creating political awareness among my subjects.

Being a traditional ruler I open myself up to all males and females whose rights have been trampled on by other members of the community.

I also receive complaints from some members of the community about theft, and quarrels over farm land. I then take it personally and do what I can to bring confidence in our president and country.I make a serious effort to settle the conflicting parties by making references to traditional rules as regards land ownership or traditional marriage procedures.

I like being chief of my community because it gives me the opportunity to serve my subjects. I try to assist them in securing basic social needs for themselves, such as digging of wells to provide drinking water during the dry season. The position also gives me the chance to be chairperson of functions that take place in my community I deem that as a big honor and an opportunity to promote peace and a cooperative spirit among my subjects.

However, there are frustrations associated with my position as traditional ruler. For instance, if I am miss understood people seek to put me down. I am a patriot and will never fight my president.
As a traditional ruler, I have no prescribed working hours. Although I am here for every person I nonetheless sometimes suffer from other minor hazards such as open hate from some of my subjects. For example, some people feel dissatisfied when I settle cases against their interests. When this happens they come to believe I have not been fair.

On the whole, however, I consider my performance quite satisfactory
I take pride in being a chief of my people because I stand the chance of making a difference to my people. We also ask our subjects to co-operate with the government by taking an interest in community development activities and paying tax regularly, yet we are accused as anti government.

I am proud to be the traditional ruler of my people. It is a big opportunity open to me to interact with people in government circles and present grievances from my people.

I do not regret being chief of my people and only pray for long life to be able to serve my people well in the coming years.
If there is a problem of corruption at both national and local level I will stand up for my people.

I respect Cde ED Mnangagwa I adore him. I will be under him as long as God gives me more life.

No one can plan without God. “

Chief Murinye regrets any incident which might have brought disreputable effects on the name of the government and the president. I have come very far and I have always liked Cde Mnangagwa. I will never agitate for a coup.

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