Chief Murinye Strikes Again
20 December 2021
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By- Chief Murinye, has exposed the misuse of farming by powerful and connected politicians.
In audio clips that have gone viral on social media, Chief Murinye, born Ephias Munodawafa, narrated how a 30-tonne haulage truck filled with Command Agriculture fertiliser from a top politician’s farm was transported from Masvingo, back to Harare for reselling on the black market.
Chief Murinye said he alerted the police about the truck but no action was taken against the unnamed senior ZANU PF official. He said:
Nothing ever happened regards that matter, not even a word about the truck. And you are saying hear no evil, see no evil, and know no evil? Kill me if you want, l died a long time ago.

The traditional leader unintentionally revealed how, as a chief, he has violated the Constitution by engaging in partisan politics.
In his rants, Chief Murinye claimed he was loyal to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU PF and at one point he played a prominent role to help the ruling party win previous elections.

Murinye however, said he was saddened by the plunder of the country’s alluvial diamonds by a few individuals while the majority of the population wallows in poverty. He said;
If you go to South Africa, they go nine kilometres down to dig for diamonds, while workers piggyback ice blocks because it would be hot.
But, we were blessed with diamonds that we dug on the surfaces using hoes. Now show us or tell us where you stashed those diamonds?
If l ask, you start labelling me an opposition MDC member or that l have rebelled. Who do you want to ask you?
No, you never hear me talk with such a cheeky tongue, but if you see a python wriggling in the sand, and inching closer to humans ask yourself what it means.

The traditional leader apparently spoke in response to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, who on Friday mocked him saying he made the rants under the influence of an illicit brew called Mutoriro.
Chief Murinye had told a funeral wake last weekend that Mnangagwa risked losing the presidential election in 2023 or being overthrown in a coup if he failed to act against corrupt top Government and party officials.