Benny Hinn, Juanita Bynum Campaign For Mnangagwa Activist Passion Java
15 February 2022
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ARE BENNY HINN AND JUANITA BYNUM TRUE PROPHETS? The below are videos of the US preachers with the controversial ZANU PF activist, Passion Java. In the first footage, is the female prophetess announcing that the clown Java is an anointed man of God. In the second one, Java and Hinn are announcing an upcoming program in Harare, before signing off with the offensive: “twabam” squealer.

Says Bynum: “God bless everybody, this man (Java) is something special of God, and I haven’t felt the anointing like that in a while praying prophesying over somebody, and something that I don’t normally do, that heavy in my class …but the Lord just kept drawing me to you 2 or 3 times, and I don’t know what all the Lord is going to do, but one thing I do know it’s going to be something great, cause you’re special of God and you have a special anointing, and I pray that you just stay humble before the Lord, and stay welcoming to Him, and he will do great and mighty things in your life, God bless you.”

Jyamuta Bynum and Passion Java

Benny Hinn and Juanita Bynum are held by many Pentecostal Christians as preachers of good morals, and the latest development strikes out opposites on his character.

Passion Java has several videos of him supporting the ongoing terrorism in Zimbabwe and he regularly engages in vulgarities in public.