Millions Of Zimbabweans Rise To Gun Down Greatman
15 February 2022
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By Showbiz Reporter | Millions of Zimbabweans at the weekend rose up to attack the recently wedded singer, Greatman. But the man has been misunderstood by Zimbabwens. an industry expert has said.

misunderstood…Greatman Gwaze

Tau Cheteni who is an industry brand manager, said people who are criticising Mr Gwaze over the ongoing post-wedding chatter, don’t seem to have a perception of what the singer is going through.

Cheteni, who also manages the legend Thomas Mapfumo’s programs, said comments slamming Greatman are paining.

Some of the comments from a Facebook page Sadza neGuru

Zimbabweans over the weekend rose up to attack Greatman over false opinions passed by his uncle that allege that the promoter, TEO Events misappropriated his wedding donations.

Writing on Tuesday morning, Cheteni said:

“Eeeish the way people are firing shots at Greatman is too much, some of the comments are so paining.

“We all know Greatman’s condition and he is one brother who has been trying to convince us that disability is not inability but do we know about his mental ability?

“No. I find it so hard to be saying some of those statements I have been reading.

” Keep the strength Brother Greatman. Stay strong Brother Tongai Trane Gwazelah.” – ZimEye