Church Leader Denounces Brutal Murder Of CCC Member By Zanu PF Hooligans
2 March 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The church has an obligation to speak out against political violence, Bishop Ancelimo Magaya of Zimbabwe Divine Destiny has said.

Bishop Magaya described threats by Constantino Chiwenga to “crush Citizens’ Coalition For Change like lice” as shocking and unacceptable.

Read Bishop Magaya’s full statement:

“Evil driven politics should stop” demands the church

The church is utterly shocked that Zimbabwean politics is still in this day and age deeply entrenched in hate speech, violence and bloodletting when other nations have embraced tolerance inclusivity and progressive nationhood.

Kenya has set a commendable standard for nation building when President Uhuru Kenyatta announced his endorsement to an opposition member. That is fatherhood at best, statesmanship par excellence.

The recent violence perpetrated on the CCC supporters resulting in the deaths of at least 2 people at a rally in Kwekwe came at the instigation of high-profile ZANU PF leader in which he clearly issued a warning to the opposition that Zanu Pf will crush them like lice. Such wicked statements from a supposed leader second in command in the governance hierarchy should never be tolerated at all.

Who shall remind this moribund rulership that similar irresponsible statements drove Rwanda to a very regrettable civil war in the 90s?

Of note though this time around, is the commendable conduct of the police who we understand quickly apprehended the culprits and just hope that no political interference impedes the justice delivery system. We have said it before and will say it again that our ZRP if not interfered with, are one of the most efficient and professional force, this side of the world.

The church also demands that government ensures good police coverage on all political party rallies for the safety of everyone.

The nation must stand against this violence prone political leadership and make it clear that such base, primitive and evil politics is totally un-Zimbabwean and if they cannot practice clean free and fair politics, they should just pack bags and allow the nation to move forward without them. After all, the economy has literally collapsed under such visionless leadership who have sought to hold onto power through hook and crook at the expense of acceptable democratic processes.

The tired mantra “we liberated this country” has long lost value because of the serious negation of the ethos of the liberation struggle which we all know.

The bible condemns the shedding of blood of innocent people and even the liberation struggle had this as one of its guiding principles during those years. How then in the name of the same struggle do we have people purporting to have liberated the nation, killing anyone of a divergent view when even the late Tongogara himself, said “we are fighting to see a free Zimbabwe in which white and black can freely co-exist” Further, if we truly uphold Ubuntu/Hunhu values, tribal differences will become insignificant amongst us.

Evil political leaders ought to be reminded that time for owning up to their deeds under the sun will come someday, and at times the consequences might be faced in this life and beyond the grave as well.

People’s innocent blood will always cry before their creator and the Political leadership of the day ought to be reminded that God is no respecter of persons.

The bible says “These things you have done, and I kept quiet: you thought I was altogether like you. But I will rebuke you and accuse you to your face” NIV Psalm 50:21

What then shall the nation expect in the forthcoming by-elections, what of the 2023 elections if ZANU PF and its cronies are not allowing free campaigning for just a Bye-election. The nation must wake up to the reality that Zimbabwe is under siege from these intolerant evil men ruling this nation by an iron fist.

The church as the voice of conscience speaking the mind of God will not keep quiet when evil raises its ugly head against the citizens.

By Bishop Magaya
Executive Director
Zimbabwe divine Destiny ZDD