Honda Fit Crew Kidnaps Overzealous Cop
20 March 2022
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 By-An overzealous police officer, Constable John Mudimba, almost died in a car crash after a drunk Honda Fit crew allegedly “kidnapped” him and forced him into their vehicle and drove off before hitting a pole.

B-Metro reported a source as saying Mudimba, who is stationed at Hillside Police Station and his three colleagues were assigned to arrest people who were fighting at Hillside Shopping Centre.

When the police officers arrived at the shops, they found Xolani Dube (32) and Trust Manyika fighting and managed to separate the two.

It is alleged that soon after the fight ended, Xolani and his partner grabbed Mudimba and bundled him into their Honda Fit car before they drove off at high speed.

However, when they reached Famona suburb, Xolani lost control of the car and it veered off the road and hit a pole.

Meanwhile, Mudimba escaped unhurt from the incident that left the car extensively damaged.

He then called his colleagues who rushed to the scene and arrested Xolani.