Mthuli, Mangudya In Panic Meeting To Save Collapsing Economy
12 May 2022
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By-President Emerson Mnangagwa’s economic advisors are said to be stretching their heads trying to find new ideas for helping the failing economy.

Finance Minister Mthuli, Ncube is secretary George Guvamatanga and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, John Mangudya is said to be holding endless meetings to discuss ways of reviving the economy.

Impeccable sources within the Finance Ministry told the three have recommended the abandoning of the local currency the the US dollar.

” There is consensus among the three on the reintroduction of the US dollar but the problem is that there are no measures to bank-roll the green buck. The treasury has no Gold reserves to back up the forex should they abandon the local currency and this is the sticking point,” said the impeccable sources.