Basic Commodities Prices Soar As Economy Collapses
19 May 2022
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By-Prices of essential commodities are rising every day with the government failing to bring in solutions to the arrest the devaluating currency.

Notable items whose prices are increasing daily include sugar and cooking oil.

Commenting on the deteriorating economy and the high cost of living Zimbabweans are experiencing, journalist and social rights activist Hopewell Chin’ono said corruption was causing economic woes.

He posted on Twitter:

I grew up on brown sugar, I swung to the sugar aisle, 2kgs was ZW$1080 today. Why do I use TODAY? The till operator said prices are now going up everyday. This was caused by the currency crisis that was given birth in February 2019 when 


 brought back the Bond Note.

CCC President, Nelson Chamisa, said the rising cost of living was a result of Zanu PF’s failure to run the country.

Chamisa said the solution is in the ballot box next year.

CCC posted on social media, urging people to register to vote and remove Zanu PF from power.

Posted CCC:

The URGENCY of the Zimbabwean situation requires robust, brave, radical & proactive responses, solutions & actions. A CCC govt will offer a smart response with actions & solutions to the current economic crisis.