Kasukuwere Wades Into Pomonagate Scandal
7 June 2022
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By Jane Mlambo| Former Local government minister Savior Kasukuwere has dismissed the Pomona waste to energy deal as unacceptable insisting that the minister should not foist it on ratepayers without their consent.

Posting on Twitter, Kasukuwere said the Pomona Waste to energy deal should have been subjected to the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe processes.

He also urged government to take responsibility of paying what he termed ridiculous amounts to Geogenix instead of foisting it on ratepayers.

“Pomona Scandal is unacceptable. The Min can’t foist the deal on ratepayers without their consent. Unless govt and cabinet takes responsibility for paying the ridiculous amounts, it can’t fly. The truth is this deal must be subjected to a due process PRAZ!!!,” said Kasukuwere.

The now exiled former Zanu PF commissar said Local government minister July Moyo was out of line.

“There is no such law that imposes a burden on the ratepayers, more so without regard to the tender regulations. The Minis totally out of line and we should call him out. Govt has processes and they should be respected.”

“If govt feels strongly then they should use Mthuli’s budget to pay the 22k/day. However to impose the burden on city ratepayers is also not acceptable. In other words, you can’t spend ratepayers funds without their consent. No taxation without representation,” added Kasukuwere.