Shadaya Wades Into Olinda-Stunner-Tytan Situation
21 July 2022
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By Jane Mlambo| Controversial social media influencer Shadaya Knight has accused Hip Hop star Stunner real name Desmond Chideme and Tytan real name Njabulo Nkomo of being played by the controversial socialite Olinda Chapel.

Stunner is Olinda’s ex-husband while Tytan is the currently married to the ‘Rich Aunt’ as she is famously referred nowadays.

Shadaya’s strong remarks against Stunner and Tytan follows the former’s invitation to perform at Olinda’s High Tea event on 29 October 2022.


Tytan is also billed to perform at event that will be held in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Female artiste of the moment Feli Nandi is also billed to perform at the event.

The inclusion of Stunner on the event has set tongues wagging on social media with some questioning why Tytan would allow his wife’s ex-husband to continuously feature in their life.

Not to be left out is Shadaya who hit out at Stunner saying he is at the mercy of Olinda because he is broke.


Shadaya said both Stunner and Tytan are being played by Olinda becuase of her financial muscle.

“Fellas, the Olinda Stunner Tytan situation should teach you the importance of SELF RESPECT & HAVING YOUR OWN MONEY as a man. Just look at how she plays around with these 2 dependants, toys at her mercy. This is what happens when you’re at the mercy of a woman, humiliation…,”