Mnangagwa Accused Of Running Govt On Threats
28 July 2022
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Mai Ruru| Lies and threats have now become the order of the day for the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government.

Since the inception of the new dispensation in 2017, Zimbabweans have been subjected to threats, lies and propaganda.

Not a day passes by without the issuance of threats, lies and propaganda by government.

The rate at which the current crop of ministers is surviving on lies is astonishing.

This will surely come back to haunt them one of these days. The list of ministers who have turned out to be pathetic liars and propagandist is endless.

Only last week, the Primary and Secondary Education ministry reported that 1 200 schools were built in Zimbabwe between 2017 and 2021.

There are 1 460 days in four years. It would mean that one school was opened every single day. Or that the government constructed an average of 25 schools every month. Is that possible?

One would expect the government to list the completed schools giving details such as their geographical location so that its story can be believable.

The Primary and Secondary Education ministry is not alone in all this, with Finance minister Mthuli Ncube, Information and Publicity minister Monica Mutsvangwa and Kazembe Kazembe of Home Affairs, among some of the new dispensation’s pathological liars.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya’s utterances on bond notes will remain a joke of the century.

For how long will Mnangagwa and his subordinates last, considering that people now know them in and out.

Recently, prices of basic commodities were hiked manifold and the government had the audacity to tell the nation that the business community was on a mission to remove it through wanton price increases.

No, comrades, that is not it. You are the biggest culprits. Stop hiding behind the finger.