ZEC Says It’s Lawful To Charge USD20,000 Fees
22 August 2022
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FULL TEXT: It is part of the law for ZEC to charge and receive fees for nomination court to support the electoral processes and candidates to show commitment to the offices they are contesting for.

S.I 144 of 2022

The @ZECzim was previously issuing voters rolls for local authority for free to council candidates , support MPLCs , Conduct Nomination etc. Surely USD100 is fair for the public office for councilors and Senate.

How will one administer the budgets/allocated devolution funds at council if their only qualification & commitment is that they are 18 years old and a Zimbabwean citizen?
It’s important for @ZECzim to promote integrity of the electoral processes which includes the candidates.

To be a councilor the law is clear that you must not be financially insolvent.

Those vying for public office must show commitment as the integrity of our electoral processes are not independent of the integrity of the candidates. This is best practice not only in Zimbabwe.

Surely if you want everyone to be a candidate including chancers that does not enhance democracy and good governance. Check other countries on requirements to run for public office.-Jasper Mangwana, ZEC Spokesperson