Mboneni Ncube’s Relatives Go Into Hiding Over Murder Suspects Attack
29 August 2022
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By A Correspondent- The relatives of Mboneni Ncube, a CCC supporter who was killed by suspected ZANU PF activists this year, have gone into hiding after the murder suspects attacked the key witness in the case.

Ncube (35) was attacked with a spear and died on 27 February at Mbizo 4 shopping centre while CCC leader Nelson Chamisa was addressing a rally.

The NewsHawks gathered that the suspects followed Nyirenda from Old Mbizo shopping centre and cornered him as he approached the gate to his house.

They indiscriminately assaulted him with logs all over his body.

Nyirenda confirmed the incident to The NewsHawks and said the suspects accused him of appearing in court on 18 August for their routine remand in the murder of Ncube after they warned him several times to drop from being a witness.

Judith Ncube, Mboneni’s sister, who lives in Kwekwe, said they have gone into hiding as they feel their safety is now at stake. She said:

It is not even fair. The suspects assaulted the witness (Brighton) and almost killed him so we have gone into hiding to save our own lives.

Nyirenda alleged that among the suspects who assaulted him was Albert Maketo Tembo and another one he only identified as Masparo. He said:

While they were beating me with logs, the suspects were saying why do you want to testify in the case and from where did you get the guts to go to court on 18 August.

I suffered severe injuries and went to Mbizo Police Station to report the case, that is where I got a letter to seek a medical report and get treated, but I have not done so because I do not have the money required by Kwekwe General Hospital. The murder suspects are yet to be arrested for my assault case.

Council for Peace and Justice Trust, a civil society organisation based in Kwekwe, said it was trying to help Ncube’s family as well as the chief witness.
The organisation’s director, Reverend Jackie Ngulube, said Nyirenda has been attacked twice for being a witness in Ncube’s murder. Said Ngulube:

It is a very touching issue and they feel very insecure and vulnerable at the moment. The witnessing guy is in bandages as we speak.

He has been attacked twice so far for being a witness in the matter.
Reports claim Happymore Chamba (40), a police officer who acted as an informant in the case has been transferred from Kwekwe as State machinery allegedly tries to help the accused persons who have strong links with ZANU PF.

The 16 suspects who were arrested in connection with Ncube’s murder were found hiding at Jessie Lodge in Mbizo.