Harare Pre-Budget Meetings Marred By Poor Turnout
5 September 2022
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City of Harare pre-budget consultative meetings have been marred by poor turn out prompting the city officials to re-schedule the meetings.

In Mufakose Ward 34, the meeting which was held Saturday 3 September at Area “A” Community Hall only saw 16 people attending. The low turnout saw the City officials, Councilor and residents agreeing to postpone the meeting to the 11th of September 2022.

On the other hand, in Highfields Ward 26 fifty-six (56) people attended yesterday’s meeting. Residents attributed the low turn out to back to school preparations, agricultural show and timetables that are not sensitive to religious practices.

“You cannot have a meeting on a Sunday and expect full participation, everyone knows that Sunday is a church day,” said a Highfields resident after the meeting.

Meanwhile the Combined Harare Residents Association will soon embark on a mobilization drive for the Budget Consultative Meetings this week in a bid to ensure representation of issues and full participation of residents at the budget meetings.

CHRA encourages all residents to participate at the pre-budget consultative meetings in their respective Wards, as the budget processes are key in determining service delivery priorities and scrutinize council expenditure towards service provision.