Stop Protecting Murderers, Hichilema Tells SADC
24 September 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The President of the Republic of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema has challenged SADC to act on the deepening crisis in Zimbabwe.

According to the Zambian leader, SADC should not “fold hands” as the social unrest in Zimbabwe continues.

Writing on Twitter, United Party for National Development spokesperson, Joseph Kalimbwe, described President Hichilema as a genuine friend of those being persecuted by corrupt regimes.

“People have been asking us ‘what’s your President’s view on SADC’. Here it is; SADC must be pro-active. We can’t have leaders killing their people to remain in power. People of the SADC region, people of African continent, in our leader, in Hakainde you have a genuine friend .”

Kalimbwe added:
“It’s only in Africa – particularly here in SADC – where a party that’s failed to do anything meaningful in 30 or 42 years still wants to be given another 5 years – again to do nothing. Absolutely nothing – zero.

Sanctions were instituted because of human rights violations by individuals. End the human rights violations first because however you sing the “End Sanctions” rhetoric, the West won’t remove no sanctions if the rights of the people continue being violated. It’s that simple.”