Zambian University Prescribes Conservative Dress Code, Miniskirts And Shorts Banned
24 September 2022
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By James Gwati- There are mixed reactions in Zambia after the University of Lusaka pronounced a dress code on and off campus.

Some dress restrictions include wearing shorts for both male and female students.

Below is the memorandum by the University detailing the dress code:


The University wishes to encourage its esteemed students to adopt a style of dressing and appearance that would be acceptable in the various fields of work and society in general.

Thus, students are required to observe the appropriate manner of dress and appearance while attending classes or engaging in other academic pursuits on or off-campus. Therefore, the following, though not exhaustive, would be considered as inappropriate dress and/or appearance:

Clothing with derogatory, offensive and/or obscene messages either in words or pictures

Political regalia.

Male students’ undershirts (I.e. vests, singiets).

Male and female students’ pants that expose or show underwear/undergarments or skin. This includes, but is not llmited to sagging and ripped jeans.

Pairs of shorts for female and male students.

Shirts or blouses that reveal undergarments or cleavage, midriff length tops that leave exposed skin, crop tops, tank tops or halter tops; suggestive, excessively tight, or revealing clothing (short dresses and skirts) and any other inappropriate attire.

Clothing made of any see-through material, fishnet, or very loosely-woven fabric, unless other clothing is worn underneath.

Clothing made of body-hugging fabric such as leggings that are worn without a tunic- style blouse. Cyding or Biker shorts should not be worn when going to dass, to examination rooms or to the Library.

All students are expected to conform to the stated guidelines.
K Kapalayi (Me)
2 1 SEP 2022