Apostolic Church To Open TV Channel
12 December 2022
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By A Correspondent| In a move that will mark the biggest shift in conservative apostolic churches doctrines ,one of the churches will be opening a television channel in a few years to come.

While addressing thousands of congregants at the Big Sunday of St John Apostolic Church of the Whole Word in Warren Park ,the founder and leader,Bishop Dr Sydney Mabhiza,said it was now logical for the church to embrace technology and that the establishing of own television channel was imminent.

“We need to move with the times and I am glad we have already started broadcasting our services on social media platforms like Facebook and You Tube.

“This helps us to connect with our congregants dotted around the globe,” Bishop Mabhiza said.

He then challenged the church leadership to start working on acquiring a television license for the church and set 2030 is the target year to fulfill the vision.

“Prophet Makandiwa and Magaya have television channels,nothing will stop us to have one and we will be the first apostolic church to establish a TV channel.

“I am now instructing you the leadership of this church to start to work on a blueprint that will ensure that by 2030 we have an operating television channel,”instructed the cleric.

“Before the TV ,we have to build a St John House in the capital which will then become the home of the television channel,”added Dr Mabhiza.

Earlier on,the church’s head of Information Technology and Publications (ITP) ,Mr N.R Mariga chronicled how the church has been able to churn out church programmes and events online and encouraged congregants to subscribe to its You Tube channel.

“The department has been able to broadcast church programmes and all events including this one on our Facebook Page and You Tube channel .This has allowed especially those in Diaspora to connect virtually when we host our programmes.

“I encourage all of you to subscribe to our channel ,St Johns Tv on You Tube ,”Mariga told congregants.

The department received a brand new commuter omnibus from a fellow congregant recently, which it believes will help execute its duties efficiently.