Zimbabwe Ambassador To South Africa Fights Claims Of Politicking With ZEP Returnees
3 February 2023
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Zimbabwean ambassador to South Africa David Hamadziripi has dismissed accusations that the move by his government to assist those Zimbabweans in South Africa whose permits are not going to be renewed is a political ploy by the regime to lure electorates ahead of elections.

He says the embassy will launch a process to register those who want to return back home. The ambassador was addressing the media in Pretoria.

He says his government will provide transport for those who want to return back home.

“This exercise it has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe. It is not the government of Zimbabwe that took the decision that the ZEP holders is going to end on the 30th of June. It think its typical cynicism translating everything to a political gamble. No, we are talking about people’s life here,”